Welcome to Forex Demo Account

To start trading Forex (or any kind of financial instrument) for real money without having any experience is tantamount to financial suicide.

If you want to start making money with trading Forex the best advice anyone can give you is to always start trading using a Forex demo account.

You probably already know this and in fact it is likely why you now find yourself visiting our website.

Which brings us to the matter at hand, how and where and which Forex demo account should you be trading with.

Because of the popularity of Forex there are a multitude of brokers and most of these will let you trade with some kind of demo account.

However not all Forex brokers deliver the same standard of service and not all Forex demo accounts are the same.

Some brokers will give you an account with a limited number of currency pairs, others will use slightly delayed market rates and others will let you practice in a completely unrealistic way.

This results in unrealistic trading achievements that give you a false impression of your trading abilities and lead you to believe that making money when trading Forex is easy.

This makes it more likely that you will open a real money account which is of course the goal of any Forex broker in the industry.

So on our website we will not be listing any of these types of Forex demo accounts. Instead we will be focusing on informing you about what we consider to be the best Forex demo accounts that provide you with the best learning and trading experience.